Sugaring Course

Sugaring Training Course Plus Starter Kit ~ £459.99 + vat (£551.99 inc. vat)

To become an Alexandria Professional sugaring practitioner you must successfully complete this course and purchase either the Sugaring Starter Kit (saves 23% from the individual prices) or a full Salon Kit (saves 26% from the individual prices) to ensure you are ready to start work straight away (and to practice on your friends). The Sugaring Starter Kit is included in the price and the full Salon kit is an option.

For details of Payment Plan options and deposits, see below.
If you’re ready to jump aboard the hottest trend in the salon world today, then take a peek at our sugaring lessons. Taught all over the world, this famous body sugaring course is sure to educate and impress.

6-StepsTM To Achieve a Perfect Sugaring Technique is a class designed and taught by Alexandria Professional. It is widely regarded as the premier course for anyone wishing to add the amazing art of sugaring to their business.

Course Format
We pride ourselves on practical training. You won’t find endless rhetoric in our courses. In fact, this course consists of 30% theory and 70% practical material. You will gain invaluable hands-on experience working under the educator's supervision. Our class sizes are kept small (a maximum of 6 students to a class) to ensure a more effective training environment.

This 2 Day workshop includes:

  • Theory
  • Demonstration of each Body Part by AP Certified Educator
  • Practical Experience on Legs, Bikini, Underarms, Lip and Brow
  • Importance of Pre and Post care
  • Written Exam & Practical Evaluation by AP Certified Educator
  • Certificate issues upon successful completion
  • Valuable Marketing Techniques
  • Customer Service Tactics
  • Tips of the Trade by Experienced Certified Educators

Alexandria Professional's body sugaring starter kit includes everything you need to get started as soon as you have completed your two day training.  The Reference Guide provides a back up of all the information you will have learned in the classroom and the DVD clearly demonstrates the 6 Steps - so you never forget.
Note - the Starter Kit combo price is over 15% less than the individual prices for the products.
Includes: - Single Sugar Warmer - Kleenguard Nitrile Gloves (1 box, 100 per box) - Regular Sugar Paste (1 jar, 992g / 35 oz.) - Essential Tonic (59ml / 2 fl.oz.) - Vertal-6 Drying Powder (340g / 16 oz.) - Presept Skin Cleanser (59ml / 2 fl.oz) - Restore Hydrating Lotion (59ml / 2 fl.oz.) - Promotional postcards (pack of 50) - Client record cards (pack of 50) - Reference Guide - 6 Steps to Achieve a Perfect Sugaring technique DVD

Training and education are life-long tools.

Alexandria Professional Body Sugaring course is certified by the Guild Of Beauty Therapists in the UK.

Payment Plan Options
Payment is made via Debit/credit card by phone or at training centre, Paypal or by any credit card (through Paypal as a guest). We can also accept cheques by post but allow 10 days for clearing.

  1. Payment in full - always required if training date is 14 days away or less  
  2. Payment Plan consisting of £180 + vat (£216 inc vat) payable now then £216 taken 30 days later then the last £216 at 30 days after (total payable £540 + vat (£648 inc vat)  
  3. £60 deposit with the balance due 14 days before training date - note, this can be combined with our Payment Plan meaning that you pay £60 now then £156 at 14 days before training and the other two payments after