Have you been Minxed?


Minx Nails for that glam celeb look

Minx Nails fingers or toes ..... £20


Minx Nails fingers & toes ..... £35


Stylish Designs


  • No chemicals used
  • Minx nails do not chip
  • Instantly dry 
  • Lasts up to six weeks on toes
  • beautiful and tasteful
  • no spills, smudges or chips!
  • stand out from the crowd





various designs available to suit all requirements 

(subject to availability)

be bold and stand out from the croud, match an outfit, holiday toes, bridal

Can we Minx you today?

What about a Glitz & Glamour party pamper package

*Get Minxed & Bejazzled*

Get Minx Nails and a Glitter Body Tattoo or Swarovski Crystal Body Art Design

Ideal for a girls night in pamper party or for that special night out


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