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Bejazzle Temporary Body Art


Airbrush Tattoos, Glitter Body Tattoos, Bejazzling, Vajazzling


Great for parties, nights out, weddings etc....

We use genuine Swarovski Crystals for jazzling



Glitter tattoos great for adults... great for kids

Ideal for birthday parties, fetes, corporate events, pamper parties, nights out etc...

How would you like to have a glittery, shimmery, multicoloured temporary tattoo which is painless to apply and will last up to 7 days??

These tattoos are suitable for all age groups and we use hypallergenic cosmetic glue so it is safe for all the family. 

Our product is perfectly safe as we use hypoallergenic materials to ensure that it is safe as well as using special ultra fine cosmetic glitters and cosmetic gel to make sure that your skin is safe at all times. 

Our Glitter Tattoos are waterproof so you may bath or swim but prolonged damp skin may decrease the life span of your tattoo. If you wish remove your tattoos then you can simply use baby oil or any oil based lotion to remove it.


Crystal Body Art ~ Jazzling ~ Vajazzling

Get the WOW factor with body crystal designs, we only use beautiful Swarovski crystals which are stunningly bright. Ideal for Brides, Special Occasions, dancers, burlesque, night out etc...

Lasts approx 1-3 days

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We also do some airbrushing tattoos

* Why not get Minxed as well for that real glitzy glamour look *